Jul 31 2017

NBP Fullerton Asset Management Limited #nbp #fullerton #asset #management #limited, #nafa, #nafafunds, #nafafunds, #nafa

# NBP Fullerton Asset Management Limited | A Subsidiary of National Bank of Pakistan – Your Investments and NAFA grow together. NAFA Islamic Funds (Corporate Video) No Transaction on 2nd of Ramadan (being bank holiday) This is to inform you that as per the constitutive documents of NAFA Funds, on 2nd of Ramadan unit transactions i.e. Sales, Redemptions and Transfer, can only take place in NAFA Stock Fund, NAFA Islamic Stock, NAFA Multi Asset Fund & NAFA Islamic Energy Fund (No sales, redemption’s, transfer to and from any OTHER NAFA FUND will be accepted on 2nd Ramadan being bank holiday …

Jul 31 2017

Dynamics CRM 2011 User and System Dashboards Usage and Security introduction #microsoft,dynamics,crm,2011,crm #2011,crm #5,crm #4,dashboards,user #dashboards,system #dashboards,charts,crm #2011 #dashboards,crm #dashboards,microsoft #dynamics #crm,microsoft #dynamics #crm #2011

# Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has powerful Dashboard feature which allows the creation of user and system dashboards. User dashboards are only seen by the user who created them but they can also be shared with other users or teams. System Dashboards are available to ALL CRM users. User dashboards are created from within the Dashboards section in the workplace section of CRM 2011. They do not need to be published after creation and cannot be exported and imported using standard CRM functionality. A custom application is required for deploying user dashboards into another organisation. System dashboards on the other …

Jul 31 2017

Flooring in Painesville, OH #flooring #in #painesville #oh, #flooring #store, #home #flooring, #flooring #brands, #flooring #installation

# Flooring in Painesville, OH Imagine the look of your home with brand new floors. Nothing impresses guests more than a room with the latest style of flooring in Painesville, Ohio. Whether you re looking to replace old tile or want to refresh your kitchen with hardwood, Guhde Flooring America has you covered. Visit our flooring store today to shop our premium inventory in person and start picturing how great your rooms will look. You can also take advantage of our comprehensive and budget-friendly countertop and bathroom remodeling services. We are known throughout the community as the top spot for …

Jul 30 2017

PET Scan: Cancer #pet.connect, #pet/ct #molecular #imaging #scan,, #pet #scan:

# Cancer Cancer is a complex disease and occurs when cells in the body begin to grow chaotically. Normally, cells grow, divide, and produce more cells to keep the body healthy and functioning properly. Sometimes, however, the process goes astray; cells keep dividing when new cells are not needed. Some types of cells are more prone to abnormal growth than others. The mass of extra cells forms a growth or tumor, which can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are not cancer. They often can be removed and, in most cases, they do not come back. Cells in benign tumors …

Jul 30 2017

Greensburg Family Law Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney, #lawyers, #attorneys, #greensburg #family #law #attorney, #westmoreland #county #bankruptcy #lawyer, #estate #planning

# Greensburg Family Law Attorney Serving Families, Individuals and Businesses in Westmoreland County and Beyond The law firm of Stewart, McArdle, Sorice, Whalen, Farrell, Finoli Cavanaugh, LLC, has been serving individuals, families and businesses in Westmoreland County and western Pennsylvania since 1977. With offices in Greensburg, Crabtree and Ligonier, we offer practical, cost-effective legal advice and representation in numerous practice areas . Since each of the firm’s attorneys concentrates on a specific area of the law, we are able to offer all of our clients a high level of legal knowledge and experience that they can utilize to reach their …

Jul 30 2017

GPSMAP® 60CSx #csx #software

# GPSMAP® 60CSx GPSMAP 60CSx dispone di diverse funzioni di ottimizzazione delle prestazioni in più rispetto ai famosi prodotti della serie 60, inclusi una scheda microSD™ rimovibile, un ricevitore GPS ad alta sensibilità, un altimetro barometrico e una bussola elettronica. Indicazione di posizione e direzione Con GPSMAP 60CSx, è possibile trovare il proprio percorso in tutte le condizioni: Il ricevitore GPS ad alta sensibilità fornisce una ricezione satellitare ottimale anche in aree coperte da alberi o in zone montuose L’altimetro barometrico fornisce dati di altezza estremamente accurati La bussola elettronica è in grado di stabilire la propria direzione anche quando …

Jul 30 2017

Gramercy Insurance Company in Receivership #resolution #trust #company

# Gramercy Insurance Company was placed in Liquidation on August 26, 2013. The Court has set a Claim deadline for filing a Proof of Claim against Gramercy of February 26, 2015, 11:59 PM C.S.T. To obtain a Proof of Claim form and instructions and information regarding the liquidation of Gramercy, click on the following links: For policyholders or a person with an existing accident claim against Gramercy or a Gramercy policyholder, the guaranty association that you should contact is the state of residency of the Gramercy Insured at the date and time of the accident. Below are the links and …

Jul 30 2017

Greensboro Metro Treatment Center Rehab, Addiction – Recovery Resources – The Fix #greensboro #metro #treatment #center

# Greensboro Metro Treatment Center Local Contact Information For Greensboro Metro Treatment Center Greensboro Metro Treatment Center offers services in Greensboro, North Carolina provides Addiction Rehab Outpatient Rehab Drug addiction treatment Alcohol addiction treatment Drug Detox Alcohol Detox Methadone Maintenance Methadone Drug Detox Alcohol Detox Buprenorphine Services Self payment Dual Diagnosis Treatment Women Men Greensboro Metro Treatment Center is categorized as a Rehab, but may provide additional health care support. For detailed questions about the health care provider at Greensboro Metro Treatment Center, you may contact their Greensboro offices via phone. Greensboro Metro Treatment Center will provide you with support …

Jul 29 2017

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